Cire Trudon - Spiritus Sancti Candle - 9.5 oz.

The single wick of this graceful pillar candle burns within a jar of smooth glass in an antique-looking, nearly metallic hue of deep bottle green. Additionally, the embossed golden shield mounted to the jar speaks to the candle's superior origins. An all-cotton wick and a masterfully crafted wax of vegetable origin ensure that the bewitching perfume of the candle pervades your home with just the right intensity even as the candle itself looks so elite tucked in a niche. The unmistakably ecclesiastic aromas perfectly captured in the scent known as Spiritus Sancti make your home into a sanctuary and a refuge from the world. The fragrance is built on lily of the valley, a flower sweet and gentle, but a breath of holy incense wafts on the delicate floral breezes, complicating the pleasure of the scent. Undertones of Eastern balms and sought-after resins bring a looked-for warmth to this sacred blend.

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