Natural Curiosities
"Art is not a decorative accessory, but an essential part of design."
With a union created by a deep passion for the arts, his love of nature and his renewed commitment to walk a fresh path every day, Christopher Wilcox, head designer, moved from England to Los Angeles to begin a new life by forming his company Natural Curiosities in a studio that was once an old bowling alley on the hugely famous Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Drawing inspirations from the old 1924 historic district building that the studio resides in, Christopher creates the Natural Curiosities line with a team of about 15 creative minds whose motto is: “We honor Nature each day and ceaselessly explore its mystery. We are unpredictable, vibrant, and strong. We strive to recognize and embrace change as we uphold the belief that Art is the backbone of Culture.” With bold passion and a love for beauty and design, Natural Curiosities uses many different techniques and mediums including specimens, gilding and silkscreen to bring their gorgeous wall hangings and art work to life in a unique, one of a kind way.