Nate Ricketts Designs
It is the wonders of nature that make these furnishings truly resonate with something inside each of us.
Nate Ricketts was born and raised on the shores of Newport Beach, CA and Oahu’s North shore with a profound love for objects of the sea. Whether painting a coastally themed subject or tinkering with shells, Nate was often praised for his artistic talents and his desire to work with natural objects grew from there. Nate eventually began his career with Los Angeles based Dan Marty Design. Nate was bemused by the lovely vintage Victorian seashell collectables Dan would import from abroad. Inspired by these exquisite objects of beauty, Nate began crafting his own creations from the ocean. Dan Marty ended up loving Nate’s designs so much that he was the first to carry his works of art. Delight in the whimsy and natural perfection of accessories hand crafted from shells, sea glass, precious minerals, crystals, sea life, and botanicals. Each object is its own piece of elegant, rare art and no two objects are identical making Nate Ricketts the perfect gift for the collector who has it all.