Jan Barboglio
Hand wrought colonial inspiration from romantic old Mexico
Born and raised in the same small town that Poncho Villa once roamed, Jan Barboglio spent her childhood on her parents ranch in Coahuila Mexico amongst the rugged and remote heart and soul of old North Central Mexico. This is where Jan’s inspiration was born and is brought to life today. With Colonial Mexico as one of the biggest influences in her work from the very beginning, Jan’s artistry grew first from fashion design and then into iron and metal work. Forging and finishing pieces in her hometown of Mexico by marrying iron with glass, silver, wood, leather and plaster, Jan’s exceptional craftsmanship and artistry is uniquely her own. Each exquisitely beautiful hand crafted piece is truly timeless and could easily be placed in a hacienda from long ago or in a rustic space of the present and still have the same mystique and magic of another age. The simplistic quality and design of Jan’s creations are an example of a true artisan. Jan Barboglio’s skill and detail in metalworking exemplifies just how much of herself she pours into her craft. Jan does a exquisite job of keeping the romance of old Mexico alive with her collections of napkin rings, glass vessels, boxes, and bottles. Since each item is hand forged, quantities of each piece are limited, making each creation even more special because of its unique rarity.